PSU Purchasing Card page on GURU to be decommissioned.

The Purchasing Card page on GURU is being decommissioned as of January 17, 2018. This decommissioning is only for the information appearing on the GURU site. All Purchasing Card information is available on the Purchasing website.

All Purchasing Card questions should be directed to Purchasing.

(Posted 1/11/2018)

Moving Expenses are now taxable.

Due to changes to the federal tax law, all moving expenses incurred after 2017 that are paid or reimbursed by the University will be taxable to employees. There are no longer non-taxable payments for relocation expenses under the law. As such, all University paid or reimbursed moving expenses will be reported as taxable income and subject to University payroll tax withholding.

Any questions should be directed to the University Tax Manager.

(Posted 1/9/2018)

Central Office Bulletin Board has been decommissioned.

The "Central Office" page on GURU has been decommissioned.

Information pertaining to Travel Services can be found on the Travel Services page.

Information pertaining to Risk Management can be found on the Risk Management page.

All "Central Bulletin Board" items are copies or links to documents housed elsewhere. Each of these documents, if still pertinent, can be accessed from those various locations.

Any questions pertaining to these documents should be submitted to AskGURU

(Posted 1/3/2018)

Per Diem Lookup Changes!

The Personal Mileage Calculator has been moved to the Rates and Schedules page. The Rates and Schedule page also contains links to the CONUS and OCONUS travel pages.

(Posted 12/7/2017)

Pending Changes to the Payment Clearinghouse System

In the coming weeks, the Payment Clearinghouse System will undergo a transformation to improve current processes. Procedure CR2077 is currently being revised to document the new processes. Additional communications will be forthcoming.

(Posted 12/01/2017)

IBIS forms, functions, and transaction instructions

IBIS forms, functions, and transaction PDF downloads are available on the Administrative Information Services (AIS) website

(Posted 2/24/2017)

Technical Difficulties

If you experience any problems accessing an application or finding a particular page, please contact our support staff at or call (814) 865-9568 for assistance. (Posted 10/30/2012)

Users with previous versions of Acrobat Reader should update

to the most recent version to assure compatibility with documents on GURU. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is now available.

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when using resources on GURU and ABS. We understand that users get annoyed with the pop-up windows when visiting various web sites. However, if you encounter a problem when using ABS or GURU resources, be aware that it may be due to your browser not having pop ups enabled.

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