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GURU Announcements

Per Diem Lookup Changes!

Beginning July 1, 2015 Penn State per diem calculations changed to standard US/GSA rules for both CONUS and OCONUS travel. Use these lookup tools to find the rates:

U.S. General Services Administration Per Diem Rates for CONUS per diem rates

Department of Defense for OCONUS per diem rates

(Posted 07/01/2015)

GURU's PDF documents and forms

Guru has made a change on the server that asks your browser to download PDF's rather than displayed in a browser tab. This change is primarily driven by the changes in the various browsers in the past few years with handling PDF documents. Browsers used to open PDF Documents in a new tab using Acrobat Reader if it was installed on the user system. Today though, each browser has a built-in PDF viewer and makes it the default PDF viewer without asking users.

It's our experience that these built in viewers do not support all the features required for our Fill and Print Forms. We design our PDF's for the latest versions of the official Acrobat Reader software. On most systems when you click on one of our PDF documents you will get a prompt asking you if you want to download the document or open it with software of your choice. (It should no longer open in the browser, but rather launch your external PDF software) If you experience problems downloading or opening documents, you can generally always right click on the link and select 'Save Link As' or similar language and it will allow you to save the file and then open it from the saved location.

(Posted 06/17/2015)

myGURU Feature Change

A change was made to the myGURU feature located at the bottom of the left hand page navigation. If your myGURU settings allow for persistent cookies so your links appear even when not logged in, you will have to use https in the url instead of http. Use instead of

This is to ensure no one can tamper with your link data. If you don't have persistent cookies enabled, myGuru links will only be available after Logging In. (Posted 11/08/2012)

GURU Systems Operational

If you experience any problems accessing an application or finding a particular page, please contact our support staff at or call (814) 865-9568 for assistance. (Posted 10/30/2012)

Users with previous versions of Acrobat Reader should update

to the most recent version to assure compatibility with documents on GURU. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is now available.

Disabled pop ups may cause problems

when using resources on GURU and ABS. We understand that users get annoyed with the popup windows when visiting various web sites. However, if you encounter a problem when using ABS or GURU resources, be aware that it may be due to your browser not having pop ups enabled.

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