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    To assist faculty, staff and students at all University locations in situations requiring identification as an employee, student, retiree or affiliate of the University .


    The Penn State id+ Card is the official photo identification card of Penn State. There are five University-approved id+ Cards: student, faculty/staff, faculty/staff/student, retiree, and affiliate. All cards are photo cards with a magnetic stripe on the back. Only authorized University ID Offices are permitted to produce and issue id+ cards.

    Student ID Cards - This card is issued to all students enrolled at any location of the University upon initial enrollment.

    Faculty/Staff ID Cards - This card is issued to all employees and postdoctoral appointees of the University, except wage payroll and student employees.

    Faculty/Staff/Student ID Cards - This dual-status card is issued to employees of the University, except wage payroll and student employees that are also enrolled in one or more classes at the time of card issuance.

    Retiree ID Cards - This card is issued to retirees of the University, upon request of the retiree.

    Affiliate ID Cards - This card is issued to wage payroll employees, and individuals that are not paid employees of the University, but maintain an affiliation. This includes:

    If an administrative area finds an affiliation other than these, that area must contact the ID Card-Issuing Office for authorization to issue an affiliate card.

    In addition, the Hershey Medical Center issues a special version of the id+ card to employees and to students of the College of Medicine. The governing body for these ID cards is the Hershey Medical Center Security Department at (717) 531-8521.

    An individual may possess only one active University id+ card at a time.


    All Penn State photo id+ cards are issued by the ID-issuing office located at each PSU location. The first card received is issued at no charge.

    Valid photo identification, such as driver's license or passport, must be presented to obtain a card. ID Office personnel will verify card eligibility based on enrollment and/or employment status in University systems at the time of card issuance. Newly-hired employees and affiliates must also present a form titled "Authorization for Penn State id+ Card," obtained from the area Human Resources representative. The individual's PSU ID number must be created and assigned by the hiring/sponsoring area and documented on the authorization form.

    The nine-digit PSU ID number will be displayed on the id+ card. It is the cardholder's responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of their PSU ID number. If an assigned PSU ID has been compromised and used fraudulently, contact the id+ Office immediately.

    If an individual's status changes (e.g., from Employee to Retiree, or from Student to Faculty or Staff), a new id+ card may be requested at no charge.

    All id+ cards remain the property of The Pennsylvania State University and are non-transferable.


    Presentation of the id+ card is required for services of University dining commons, libraries, and admission to athletic events. It may also be required for other University activities and services. University systems will further identify the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of the individual. Violations of University Policies and procedures in using the card will be dealt with accordingly. id+ cards may be used for appropriate educational discounts and admission to facilities at other institutions, etc. Student id+ cards should be carried by all students at all times.

    Only the cardholder may be in possession of the id+ card. Cards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the cardholder or if the card is involved in inappropriate or illegal use. Fraudulent use of the card will result in disciplinary action.

    Tampering with id+ cards and/or making color reproductions is prohibited. Labels or stickers may not be added to any of the cards since their presence would interfere with the electronic reading of the card. Punching holes (for hanging, etc.) and burning (branding) is also prohibited.

    id+ cards may not be collected and held as collateral for the temporary use of equipment, services, etc.

    For information about the services or optional programs associated with the id+ card, please visit the id+ website at www.idcard.psu.edu.


    In order to prevent unauthorized use and charges, it is the individual's responsibility to report a lost or stolen id+ card. If an id+ card has been lost or stolen, it must be deactivated immediately online at www.idcard.psu.edu or by calling 814-865-7590 (during business hours). When a card is deactivated, the cardholder's residence hall access, meal plan access, LionCash+ account, and fitness membership will automatically be suspended. To suspend other features - such as those offered by PNC Bank or other departmental systems - the cardholder must contact the appropriate office. It is also up to the individual to obtain a replacement card at the ID-issuing office by presenting proper identification and paying the currently-approved replacement fee.


    A permanent ID Card Committee has been established to oversee the University id+ Card and its uses. Specifically, the Committee is to:

    Questions or concerns for the ID Card Committee should be addressed to the Manager, id+ Office, University Park, at 814-865-7590.

    Effective Date: March 25, 2005
    Date Approved: March 24, 2005
    Date Published: March 24, 2005

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