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    To set forth procedures for the purchase of display advertising in commercial print media as well as commercial messages for radio and television, and for inclusion of advertising in official University publications and electronic communications using University facilities (refer to Policy FN14).


    The University purchases advertising in the commercial media only when such advertising is necessary to reach a specific audience for a specific purpose. The Office of the Vice President for University Relations, and its Department of University Marketing, is responsible for overseeing the content, planned placement, and purchase of all advertising except "help wanted" advertising, which is the responsibility of the Manager of the Employment Division, as set forth in Policy HR33.


    Under the direction of the Department of University Marketing, the initiating department is responsible for ensuring that advertisements:

    1. Reflect accurately the University's policies, programs and services;

    2. Communicate clear and consistent messages;

    3. Contribute positively to the public perception of the University;

    4. Meet high standards of professional quality in the layout and presentation of the content; and

    5. Are placed in media that assure impact commensurate to the cost.

    The amount and type of direct assistance provided by the Department of University Marketing prior to placement of advertisements will depend upon the potential impact of the advertising on the University, as well as the initiating department's ability to use its existing resources and expertise to meet the general standards set forth above.


    Unless authorized by the Vice President for University Relations, the placement of non-University advertisements on electronic means of communications using University facilities (i.e., Web sites), is specifically prohibited. (See also Policies FN14, AD20, and AD27.)


    The advertising policy also relates to advertising proposed by non-University agencies for inclusion in official University publications. Approval for the acceptance of such advertisements is the responsibility of the Office of Vice President for University Relations and its Department of University Publications, which will determine whether the advertising meets the University's standards.


    Other Policies in this manual should also be referenced, especially the following:

    AD07 - Use of University Name, Symbols and/or Graphic Devices,

    AD15 - Fees and Charges for Facilities and Services,

    AD20 - Computer and Network Security,

    AD27 - Commercial Sales Activities at University Locations,

    AD61 - University Communications Through Advertising, Publications and Media Relations,

    FN11 - Contracts and Leases,

    FN14 - Use of Tangible Assets, Equipment, Supplies and Services, and

    HR33 - Help Wanted Advertising.

    Effective Date: June 2, 1997
    Date Approved: June 2, 1997
    Date Published: June 9, 1997 (Editorial change, May 11, 2011)

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