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In accordance with University travel policy requirements, travelers must arrange their travel at the least possible cost to meet the business purpose of their trip.

Purchasing Services supports Travel onLion, an online booking tool and provides training, support and guidance for all University employees at all campuses wishing to use the online booking tool. Purchasing Services negotiates and administers travel-related contracts for employees' use. Travelers are able to book online using Travel onLion, and may contact the Travel onLion staff for assistance in using the online tool. Contact information is available at

Travelers also have the flexibility to use travel sources or airlines that support the University's travel requirements and goals. Please note that tickets purchased externally are not accessible by Travel OnLion staff for assistance with changes in scheduling, reissuance, or problem solving. Travelers should inquire about service fees, charges for travel itinerary changes, and services offered before using a travel agency.

The flexibility provided to allow the procurement of travel through outside agencies or directly through the desired airline also comes with more accountability for the traveler to assure that:

Airfare Booking Options and Services, available on the Travel website, provides guidance regarding the requirements for documentation for travel booked by sources other than Travel OnLion.  More detail on booking airfare is also provided in the Transportation section of this policy.

NOTE:   Package travel which does not delineate costs – flights/transportation/lodging/rental cars – must be submitted with comparisons to show that the total package cost is less than the costs if purchased separately.  These packages may be unallowable on sponsored travel if not properly documented through comparisons at the time of booking.

Effective Date: July 1, 2015
Date Approved: July 1, 2015
Date Published: July 1, 2015

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