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- Recommended Software:

To make full use of the documents and functions found under GURU, it is recommended that you use at the latest version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Chrome as your browser. Additionally it is recommended to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF type documents used for Fill-and-Print forms. MS Word documents are also used for Procedures. There is a freely available Word Viewer if you do not have suitable software to open Word documents. This software is available at no cost. Click on the respective software names to download the latest version of the software now. The source sites have on-line technical information to aid you in configuring your software.

- Access:

Much of GURU is publicly available and viewable. However at the discretion of policy makers and various central departments some content is limited to only Faculty and Staff with Access Accounts and successful Login via WebAccess.

- Network Response Time:

Response time when using GURU is dependent upon numerous factors. These are some of the factors listed from most probable to least probable cause of sporadic slow response times:

Network Traffic
If you find that response times have been slower than usual over a period of time, it may be due to the volume of traffic on the Backbone. Traffic tends to peak around 3pm. If your PC is connected to the Backbone via your department's local area network, and that network structure is large, it is possible that the traffic jam is located on your department's network branch. Once traffic returns to normal, you should experience normal responses.
Failed Router or Other Network Equipment
Occasionally the equipment that controls the flow of messages between your PC and GURU fails. This is usually indicative when your response time suddenly goes from normal to centuries. Likely your browser will display a "Time-out" or "Server Not Found" error message in this instance.
Large File Size
Since web browsers and servers work by transferring files between each other, large files tend to slow response time. The response time of displaying a web page on your browser is mostly a function of the resources of your PC. But if you are trying to view a large or complex document, response time can be significantly hampered. The documents on GURU usually are limited to less than 50KB for web pages and graphics, and tend to be under 100KB for PDF documents.
Heavy Demand on GURU
The GURU server has been designed to provide excellent response time. However, under extremely heavy demand times, response time may be slower. This situation is momentary.

- Printing Problems:

All printer problems reported to date to GURU technical support have involved either outdated printer drivers or improperly configured printer drivers. If you are unsure how to deal with printer drivers, please contact your local computer experts for assistance.

The following location provides a database to help resolve problems with Adobe Acrobat. Search the knowledge-base for "printing with Acrobat."

- File Not Found Message:

The File Not Found Message can indicate one of two things; 1) either the link is incorrect and points to the wrong location or a file that no longer exists, or 2) the file is missing.

If you receive the 'not found' error message, you may use the search function or report the problem to GURU Technical Support or call 814-863-8592.

- Problems with Fill and Print PDF Forms

We have taken measures to force the downloading of PDF forms to prevent problems with each browser having their own built-in PDF viewer. These bundled readers are limited and they are typically enabled as the default software for PDF's. This isn't as convenient as the document opening in a browser tab but it ensures people can open the document with the office Acrobat Reader software.