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Use of Google Chrome Required:

NOTE: Google Chrome must be used to access the GURU website and for completing and/or downloading fill-and-print forms. Firefox, Internet Explorer, and/or Microsoft Edge browsers do not support all features required for PDF fill-and-print form functionality. Substitutes for an approved University official form (created using a different browser or scanned copies) will be returned with the request to use the Chrome version of the form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Contract Cover Sheet must be downloaded before completing any of the information within the form. This form contains intricate formatting that is incompatible with the web version of the form. There are two (2) options available to download the form:

Option 1 - To create a PDF for this document:

Option 2 - To change system settings to always open documents with Adobe:


A Contract Cover Sheet must be included with any contract being sent for signature or review.

General Information:

Before completing a Contract Cover Sheet, please read the following questions and proceed as indicated:

NOTE: Once the completed Contract Cover Sheet and contract is emailed to it will be logged and assigned for review. Please submit all contracts as soon as possible as lead time for completion will vary based on a variety of factors including the number of contracts in the queue, complexity of the contract, and input needed from other others.

Exhibits and Instructions

This form has fill-and-print form fields enabled. The PDF version has instructions provided for the type and/or format of information to be included within the fill-and-print form fields. Hovering the computer mouse over any form field within the PDF will display these instructions. See Converting Web-based Documents to PDF Documents for details.

For step-by-step instructions for completing the Contract Cover Sheet, click on the link below:

Contract Cover Sheet Exhibit

Form Requirements:

No form may be used that substitutes for an approved official University form without prior review and approval by the steward of the form/central office, as facilitated by the Office of Systems and Procedures (designated representative of the Associate Vice President for Budget and Finance). See Policy FN17 Required Use of Approved University Forms Appearing in the General University Reference Utility (GURU) for full details.

Accessing GURU Forms:

GURU PDF forms are designed for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Each browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc) has a built-in PDF viewer making it the default PDF viewer without asking users. These built-in viewers do not necessarily support all features required for PDF Forms. Similarly, many calculations are not supported by other stand-alone PDF readers (for example, Nuance). If you experience problems downloading or opening documents, right click on the link on the Forms Locator Screen, select 'Save Link As' (or similar language) and save the file. The document can then be opened in either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro from the saved location.

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free. Contact your IT support staff person for downloading assistance, if/as needed. An Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) account is also available to all Penn State students, faculty, and staff members, at no cost. Sign up for an Adobe Creative Cloud account at If Adobe Acrobat Pro better suits your needs, contact your IT support staff person for purchasing and installation assistance.

Web-based Documents:

Clicking the form download icon on any of the form instruction pages on GURU will open a web-based version of the form. While it appears to have fill-and-print fields available, not all functionality may be available for use (i.e., digital ID fields). With some exceptions (see exceptions below), it will be necessary to convert these web-based documents to PDF document (see Converting Web-based Documents to PDF Documents section).

Converting Web-based Documents to PDF Documents:

See instructions at the top of this document

Clearing Fill-and-Print Form Field Entries:

This form has the "Clear Form" Bookmarks enabled. To clear all form field entries:

If you encounter any difficulties, contact the GURU support staff by submitting a Technical Support Form request or by calling the tech support line at 814-863-8592

Number of Copies and Ultimate Distribution:

Table of distribution and retention of the Contract Cover Sheet
Document: Ultimate Distribution: Retention Periods: Disposition Method:
Original Procurement Services Contract Teams End of fiscal year in which contract expires +4 years Paper document = Secure Bin disposal or shred

Electronic Document and Data = delete and empty computer recycle bin

Where to Send Completed Forms:

The completed Contract Cover Sheet and contract are emailed to

Contact Information

For questions, additional details, or to request changes to this form, please contact

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