Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


  1. Document - Enter the document or P Number. Also note the document or P Number on all supporting receipts to be submitted with this form.
  2. Paid - Select one of five (5) options for how the group meal was paid. If purchasing card is selected, enter the date reconciled and the name of the reconciler in the following areas.
  3. Date Reconciled - Enter the date the purchasing card transaction was reconciled.
  4. Reconciler - Enter the name of the individual reconciling the purchasing card.
  5. Date of Purchase - Enter the date the group meal or meeting occurred.
  6. Purchased - Enter the Purchased by name.
  7. PSUID - Enter the purchaser's PSU ID number.
  8. Hosted - Enter the name of the employee hosting the group meal or meeting.
  9. PSUID 2 - Enter the hosting employee's PSU ID number.
  10. Restaurant - Enter the name of the restaurant or the name of the vendor providing the group meal.
  11. Location - Enter the city and state of the restaurant or vendor.
  12. Business Purpose - Enter the business purpose of the group meal or meeting.
  13. Supplies - Check this box if purchase is supplies for various business meetings. If check, attendee information and host signature not required.
  14. Group - Enter the name of the group, committee, or commission.
  15. Attendees - Enter the number of attendees.
  16. Guests - Enter the names and titles of guests (two lines available).
  17. Employees - Enter the names of Penn State employees (two lines available).
  18. Receipt - Enter the total amount of receipt.
  19. Gratuity - Enter the amount of Gratuity (if not included on receipt).
  20. Costs - This is a calculated field. No entry necessary.
  21. Less - Enter any amount NOT to be reimbursed or paid.
  22. Total - This is a calculated field. No entry necessary.
  23. Alcohol - Are alcoholic beverages included in the total for settlement in Line 5 (Total), above? Check Yes or No.
  24. Price - If yes is checked, enter the total cost of alcohol with prorated gratuity included in line 5 (Total), above.

  25. Budget Distribution Table - This is a table containing five (5) columns, a header row, and four (4) rows of data.

  26. Budget Number - Enter the budget number to be charged.
  27. Fund Number - Enter the fund number to be charged.
  28. Object Code - Enter the object code to be charged.
  29. Project - Enter the cost center or project number to be charged.
  30. Amount - Enter the amount to the charged to this budget
  31. Actual - This is a calculated field. No entry necessary.
  32. Purchaser Signature - The purchaser must sign and date the completed form.
  33. Budget Administrator - The Budget Administrator must sign and date the completed form.
  34. Host Signature - The Host (if not the same as Purchaser) must sign and date this form.

Image of Group Meal / Group Meeting Support Form