Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


Form Instructions

  1. Name and address of person, department, or agency being billed.

  2. Invoice number (comprised of originating department number plus department reference number).

  3. Date created

  4. Name and phone number of individual who can be contacted about any questions concerning the invoice. Also indicate name of department, office, or campus from which the invoice is originating.

  5. Indicate department numbers, fund numbers, object classifications, and dollar amounts to be credited with the income.

  6. Indicate the total amount of the income.

  7. Describe the reason for the billing in concise detail. Such detail should include, if applicable, quantities; unit prices; extended prices; date(s) material shipped or services were rendered; contract numbers; order number; names of individuals/locations receiving materials or services; and any other pertinent information that would aid the recipient of the invoice and the University in identifying the reason for the billing.

  8. Total amount required to be paid.

  9. Areas authorized to Use the 'A' Invoice: enter address where remittance is to be sent.

Image of Exhibit A - Invoice