Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


Form Instructions

  1. Date – Enter the date this form is being prepared.
  2. Name – Enter the name of the individual seeking a promotion or tenure. No nicknames.
  3. PSU ID – Enter the individual’s PSU ID number.
  4. Status Check Box – Select one of three options: Promotion, Early Tenure, or Year Tenure (i.e., 6th, 7th, or 8th, etc.).
  5. Current Exact Rank and Title– Enter the individual’s present Rank and Title (i.e., Associate Professor, History).
  6. College – Enter the name of the College.
  7. Department – Enter the name of the department.
  8. Campus – Enter the name of the campus (i.e., University Park, Altoona, York, etc.).
  9. Graduate Faculty Status – Select one of two options: Member or Non-member.
  10. Initial Appointment – Enter the individual’s Rank and Date of Initial Appointment to the University.
  11. Tenure Eligible Position – Enter the individual’s Rank and Date of Appointment to Tenure-Eligible position.
  12. Years of Credit – If applicable, enter the individual’s Years of Credit Granted toward Tenure at Appointment to Tenure-Eligible position.
  13. Previous Promotions – If applicable, enter the individual’s Rank and Date of Previous Promotions.
  14. Date(s) or Stay(s) of Provisional Tenure – If applicable, enter only the Date(s) of Stay(s) of Provisional Tenure.
  15. Proposed Rank – Enter the proposed Rank and Title (for promotion only).
  16. Tenure Status – Enter the Tenure Status as of effective date of promotion. If being reviewed for tenure, leave blank.
  17. Obtain the appropriate signature.

If the individual is being reviewed for both tenure and promotion, two copies of this form are required. One to document decisions for tenure and one to document decisions for promotion.

Image of Promotion and Tenure Form