Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


Form Instructions

  1. PSU ID# - Enter the employee's nine digit PSU ID #
  2. Last Name - Enter the employee's last name
  3. First Name - Enter the employee's first name
  4. Middle Name - Enter the employee's middle name or initial
  5. Suffix - Enter the suffix (Sr., Jr., II, III, etc.) if applicable
  6. Office Address - Enter the employee's office address, including the campus location
  7. Type of Payroll - Select one of the payroll types. Select Monthly, Regular Biweekly, or Wage
  8. Bank Name - Enter the name of the bank to receive the direct deposit. Penn State University can no longer send a direct deposit (ACH) transaction to a foreign bank account. If you do not have a domestic bank account for your payroll/travel reimbursements, travel advances, flex benefits reimbursements and group meal reimbursements then you must open a bank account at a US bank. The University assumes no liability for direct deposit (ACH) transactions that are returned due to the fact that the account receiving the direct deposit is identified by the receiving financial institution as a foreign bank account.
  9. Type of Account - Select one of the account types (checking, savings, paperless). If a checking account is selected, attach a blank, voided check containing your name and address. If a savings or paperless account is selected, it will be necessary to list the account number and bank's routing transit number.
  10. Pay Date - Enter the date upon which deposits start
  11. Signature - Sign and date the complete form. Forward the completed from to:
  12. Payroll
    101 James M. Elliott Building
    120 S. Burrowes Street
    State College, PA 16801

Image of Salary Deposit Request Form