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Procedure IA2020 - Collection of Locker Room Facilities Fees and Charges

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The Locker Room facilities of Intercollegiate Athletics in the I.M. Building, Recreation Building, and White Building are available for use by faculty, staff, students, and retirees of the University. The public may use the facilities as approved by the Director of Athletics. As a service to persons using the facilities, Intercollegiate Athletics provides certain locker rooms, and attendant facilities for a fee. Baskets with locks are available at no charge to students taking classes in the IM Building.

Administration of Men's and Women's Faculty / Staff Locker Rooms, and Baskets with Combination Locks is under the jurisdiction of the Associate Athletic director and administered by the appropriate building coordinator or their designee. Administration includes, but is not limited to:

  1. The assignment of lockers and collection of fees for Recreation Building lockers. (The I.M. Building assigns lockers and collects fees for the lockers located in that facility.)
  2. The maintenance of any records necessary for management of the Men's and Women's Faculty / Staff Locker Rooms in all the Athletics buildings that have such facilities. These records are individually maintained in each building.
  3. The assessment of charges (approved by the Corporate Controller) for replacement of, or repair to, lost or damaged equipment, which includes locks, keys, towels, baskets, or any athletic equipment borrowed from the Equipment Rooms in all the Athletics buildings.

In addition, the Natatorium rents lockers with combination locks on a semester basis to individuals requesting the service and paying the fee. The lockers in the Natatorium are located in the hallway by the Customer Service Desk and are accessible at any time the building is open. The Natatorium Building Coordinator supervises all the activities pertaining to collection of fees, cash accountability and reporting, and administration of the Natatorium locker procedures as described later in this procedure.



Locker Assignment

Lockers are located in the men's faculty/staff and women's faculty/staff locker rooms in the I.M. Building and Recreation Building and are available to faculty, staff, and retirees of the University. Lockers are assigned to one individual and use of the locker is considered to be a privilege.

New locker applicants must present current identification to verify that they are faculty/staff or a retired University employee. A waiting list of those desiring lockers, but who cannot be accommodated, is maintained. Locker reassignments are made only from the waiting list as they become available.

Locker Fees

Lockers are rented on a fee basis for the calendar year beginning November 1 and ending October 31. (With the approval of the Associate Athletic Director in writing to the staff assistant, locker fees may be waived for Intercollegiate Athletics or other faculty/staff requiring the service.) All available lockers for the next year are assigned by November 30. Fees are approved by the Corporate Controller, and locker holders are notified of any rate change by September 30. For this fee, Intercollegiate Athletics provides a locker, towels, laundry service and the loan of certain playing equipment when available.

When individuals who rent faculty/staff lockers leave the University for any reason other than retirement, their locker assignment shall be discontinued at the end of the calendar year. If the locker assignment is discontinued, the locker is reassigned from the waiting list. Property left within the locker will be handled in accordance with Policy AD13 - Lost and Found Policy. and Procedure AD2001, "Lost and Found Items," both available on GURU.

Locker Room Keys

Keys to the Men's and Women's Faculty / Staff Locker Rooms in the I.M. Building are issued by the Key Custodian of that building after the patron provides his/her receipt as proof of payment of the locker fee. In the Recreation Building, locker room keys are issued by the building coordinator or designee upon payment of the locker fee. A key deposit is required to obtain a key to the Locker Rooms that are accessible only by key. The issuance of keys, depositing of key deposits, key deposit refunds, key inventory, and replacement of lost keys shall be in accordance with Policy SY19 and Procedure SY2001 - University Keys; Issue, Deposit and Fees , available on GURU).

Laundry Service

Laundry service is available twice weekly in the men's and women's facilities and is obtained by the following procedure;

  1. Laundry straps, tagged with the locker number, are hung on each locker. This strap should be fastened to items for laundering, and placed in the men's or women's locker room laundry basket.
  2. Laundry is collected first thing Tuesday and Thursday mornings in the men's locker rooms and returned by noon the same day. In the women's locker rooms, laundry is collected Monday mornings and returned by noon and Wednesday afternoon and returned before closing.
NOTE: Clean towels are available in both the men's and women's locker facilities.

Collection of Fees for Use of Lockers

Since these locker facilities are assigned on a calendar basis, the staff assistant in the building coordinator's office completes billing for renewals ( Exhibit "A" ) of all lockers in all their facilities prior to September 30 of each year, with a payment deadline of October 15. New locker requests and renewals are taken at this time. Locker fees are collected under the supervision of the building coordinators. Checks are to be made payable to The Pennsylvania State University. All checks received must be restrictively endorsed per Policy FN01 - Processing Cash Revenues on GURU.

The person requesting a locker in any of the locker room facilities (referred to as "Payee" after fee is paid) delivers a check for the proper amount (or mails a check if responding to a renewal notice) payable to The Pennsylvania State University, to the staff assistant in the building where the payee rents a locker. The building staff assistants maintain records of the Payee's name, address, telephone number, and locker combination. In addition, the staff assistant in the Associate Athletic Director's Office maintains a logbook file on computer for their building.

Renewal notices ( Exhibit "A" ) state all the steps for the clearing and storing of the locker contents if payment is not made in the required time period. (See the section, Clearing and Reassigning Faculty and Staff Lockers).

Upon receipt of the proper fee, the Staff assistant prepares a University Pre-numbered Receipt in accordance with the instructions for " Pre-numbered Receipt " on GURU.

A Report of Cash Receipts ( ROCR ) is prepared in accordance with the instructions for Report of Cash Receipts on IBIS. Any Receipts that have been voided are to be listed separately on the ROCR. Receipts are credited to Intercollegiate Athletics, Department Number 08-066-72, Fees Income 1001, Object Code 030. The cash/checks and Report of Cash Receipts are included with the regular daily deposit from the Financial Office to the Office of the Bursar or designated depository.

All receipts are deposited in accordance with University Policy FN01 and per Procedure CR2005 - Depositing Cash Revenues both available on GURU.

The Financial Officer verifies the sequence of the University Pre-numbered Receipts to ensure that the numbers are consecutive to those that were listed on the previous Report of Cash Receipts (ROCR), that none are missing, and that they are in consecutive order.

The Senior Accounting Clerk posts the amount of the deposit to the Auxiliary Accounting terminal.

Clearing and Reassigning Faculty and Staff Lockers

Individuals renting lockers who do not desire to retain their locker for the next year should provide notification to the staff assistant by October 15. Lockers, however, do not have to be relinquished until October 31. Those individuals who have not paid the rental fee by October 15 receive a second request for payment. Request for payment is made both by placing the request on the individual's locker and by telephone or email. If no response is received by the first week of November, an Equipment Room employee is notified in writing by the staff assistant to change the lock and remove all equipment from the locker. The notification includes name, locker room number, locker number, and lock number.

An Equipment Room employee removes all personal equipment from each identified locker and tags the bundled equipment with name, locker, and locker room number. After the lock and the contents are removed, bundled and tagged, a new combination lock is placed on the locker and the locker is reassigned. Locker contents will be stored and disposed of in accordance with Policy AD13 - Lost and Found Items and Procedure AD2001 - Lost and Found Items . Intercollegiate Athletics shall not be responsible for loss of any equipment removed from lockers of persons who have not paid their rental fees for lockers.


Baskets are located in the men's and women's main locker rooms of the I.M. Building. There is not a charge for students taking classes in the building. The time use for the basket and lock is based on the semester schedule and limited to use of the basket during the semester that class is offered in the I.M. Building. Laundry facilities are not included and keys are not required for access to the facilities. Proper identification and course schedule is required of undergraduate students to obtain the service at no charge.

Use of Basket and Combination Lock

At the beginning of a semester, a student taking a Kinesiology course and making a request for a basket is issued a towel, lock, and basket. The Equipment Room attendant records the combination and basket number on a Combination and Basket Number Card ( Exhibit "B" ), and uses the student's identification card to print the student's name and number on the card. The Combination and Basket Number Cards are filed numerically by basket number.

The student's account shall be charged only for equipment damages and losses. It shall not be used as a method of enforcing University rules and regulations by penalizing students for infractions via charges to their student account.

Unclaimed Equipment - After Spring Clearing

An Equipment Room employee removes all unclaimed contents of baskets after the Spring semester clearing and the items are stored and disposed of in accordance with Policy AD13 - Lost and Found Items and Procedure AD2001 - Lost and Found Items .


Lockers with combination locks are available for a fee on a semester basis and for the duration of the summer at the Natatorium. (For the purposes of this procedure, summer is considered to be the close of spring semester to the first week of fall semester.) The service is available to any individual requesting the service and paying the fee. The lockers are located in the hallway by the Customer Service Desk, and may be accessed any time the building is open. Keys are not required.

Collection of Fees

Locker rental fees are collected by the attendant at the Customer Service Desk under the direct supervision of the Pool Operator. There is no prorated fee and no refunds.

A person requesting a locker must pay the fee to the Attendant and provide appropriate identification. The Attendant completes the two-part locker card ( Exhibit "B" ) and provides the patron with the left portion of the card that has the locker combination and locker number printed on it. The right portion of the card that has the patron's name, address, telephone number, and locker number is filed at the Customer Service Desk in numerical order. The fee is rung into the cash register on the key designated "Locker Rentals", and the patron receives a cash register receipt. Only cash and checks for the exact amount and made payable to The Pennsylvania State University may be accepted as payment for locker rentals. Checks must be restrictively endorsed per Policy FN01 .

The fees collected for locker rentals are reported on the Natatorium's Daily Report of Cash Receipts as described in Procedure IA2015 - Collection of Swimming Fees at University Park Pools , available on GURU.


Two weeks before the end of the semester (or summer), a notice is placed on the lockers by the Pool Operators indicating that lockers must be renewed for the next semester prior to the end of the current semester, or locker contents will be removed. Individuals who desire lockers for the next semester must pay the fee at the Customer Service Desk. Renewals are not accepted by mail. The patron is provided a cash register receipt, and the locker card on file at the Customer Service Desk is updated.

Clearing Lockers at the End of the Semester

On the Monday following the end of the semester (or summer), lockers of individuals that have not paid the locker fee for the next semester are cleared by the Pool Operators and the locker contents placed in a clear plastic bag. A new combination lock is placed on the locker and the locker is reassigned. The Customer Service Desk's copy of the two-part Locker Card is attached to the bag. The bags are stored and disposed of in accordance with Policy AD13 - Lost and Found Items and Procedure AD2001 - Lost and Found Items .


Open lockers are located in the men's and women's main locker rooms in the I.M. Building, White Building, Natatorium and Recreation Building. This type of system is available for use by students, graduate students, faculty/staff, retirees of the University as available per Policy AD73 . The user selects an unoccupied locker, supplies his/her own lock, and must relinquish the locker upon completion of a workout. Locks may not remain on an open locker overnight. Open locker areas are inspected at closing time or each morning and any lock remaining on any open locker is removed. There is no charge for this type of service. Laundry service and equipment loan are not available.


See Procedure CR2002 - Processing Returned Checks .


The Financial Officer is responsible for monthly reconciliations to the Central Accounting Records to ensure that the monthly fiscal reports reflect that income was properly credited per this procedure.

The Financial Officer is responsible for ensuring that procedures pertaining to the accountability and safeguarding of all cash receipts, cash funds, and other assets are established and followed in accordance with approved University policies and procedures. Regular audits relating to advances, cash, travel, equipment accountability, and other expenditures provide a means to protect University assets. The Financial Officer is responsible for working with Internal Audit when audits are being performed in the administrative area.


Record retention must be managed in accordance with Policy AD35 - University Archives and Records Management , and records schedules approved by the Records Management Advisory Committee, Office of General Counsel, and Office of the President. These retention requirements are the University's retention criteria, either derived or based upon federal, state, and local statute or regulations, industry standards, and business needs. Retention beyond recommended time periods require justifiable reasons and warrant review by the Records Management Officer or designee. All documents must be maintained in such a manner so as to provide ease of access for review, and to provide a suitable audit trail for all transactions.

Upon expiration of a stated period of time, documents must be discarded and/or destroyed, unless permission is granted by Records Management Officer or designee to retain the records. Archival records created more than 20 years prior to the current date must be reviewed before destruction. Units should also contact the University Archivist before discarding any document which may be of permanent or historical value to the University. To safeguard the privacy of individuals, documents that contain salary information, personally identifiable information (PII), or student records must also be shredded. See Policy AD53 - Privacy Policy and AD22 - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for additional information regarding privacy and the protection of an individual's personal information. For documents that must be shredded, departments may arrange for Blue Bag service by contacting the Blue/White Shredding Program of the Office of Physical Plant. Exceptions to the practice are as follows:

Additional questions may be directed to the University Archivist or the Records Management Officer.



For questions, additional detail, or to request changes to this procedure, please contact the Financial Officer, Intercollegiate Athletics.


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