Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


When an INDIVIDUAL will be providing services to the University, the following decision points regarding how to handle payment for services should be followed:

NOTE: For faculty teaching on-line courses, refer to the Faculty Services Matrix
  1. Will the services being provided make the individual an employee? (use the Determination of Independent Contractor/Employee (ICE) form to determine)

  2. Will the individual be providing consulting services?

  3. Will the individual be providing course development or instructional design services?

  4. Will the individual be providing any of the services listed below?

  5. Will the individual be a speaker, lecturer or presenter?

  6. Will the individual be providing photographic services?

All Other Services

All other services provided by individuals should be paid by Special Request for Check (SRFC).

Services provided by companies
Services provided by companies Object Codes SRFC Purpose
Non-Incorporated (Partnership, LLC) 0393 1099PROSVC Purpose on SRFC*
Incorporated 0411 CEN-USE

* - NOTE: Medical Services to any payee must be paid as 1099PROSVC

Services provided by Companies over $10,000 in total MUST be procured through Purchasing with the exception of companies representing speakers or artists. In these cases, the contracts/agreements must be sent to Risk Management, and a SRFC can be used to make payment.

Updated 1/14/2019