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The Fly America Act Waiver Checklist form must be completed PRIOR TO BOOKING for all foreign air travel on non-U.S. flag carriers which is funded in whole or part by the U.S. government, or will be claimed as a cost under a federal award. If non-U.S. air carriers are used on federally funded travel, a waiver of the Fly America Act must be documented through completion and approval of this form, which must be included as part of the documentation for the applicable SAP Concur report.

General Information:

Employees are responsible for assuring compliance with the Fly America Act for all federally-funded international travel. Following are options for booking international travel and completing the Fly America Act Waiver Checklist:

If international travel uses other than U.S. Flag Carriers, then this waiver checklist is required. If a waiver cannot be documented, than the cost of the airfare must be paid on non-federal funds.

The Open Skies Agreement is one of the items on the checklist - see Bilateral or multilateral air transportation agreement. Therefore, use of Open Skies Agreement MUST be documented through use of this checklist. The basics of the Open Skies Agreement are outlined below:

If you are flying from the USA to a foreign country on federal funds:

AND are traveling to a foreign country funded by the Secretary of Defense (DOD) or Secretary of a military department such as the Air Force, Army or Navy - You are NOT permitted to take advantage of the Open Skies Agreement. You must fly on a U.S. flag airline unless you qualify for an exemption as documented on the Fly American Act Waiver Checklist.

If NOT, you may qualify under the Open Skies Agreement. The US General Service Administration (GSA) provides information for federal travelers which may be helpful to assure compliance under the Open Skies Agreement. Please note that only the agreements listed on the GSA website qualify for the Fly America Act exception. Other Open Skies Agreements listed on the State Department website do not qualify as an exception.

Fly America Act Waiver Checklist must be completed for any travel permitted under Open Skies Agreements.

Check the "Bilateral or Multilateral air transportation agreement" box and complete the form.

Exhibit and Instructions:

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Fly America Act Waiver Checklist Exhibit

Form Requirements:

No form may be used that substitutes for an approved official University form without prior review and approval by the steward of the form/central office, as facilitated by the Office of Systems and Procedures (designated representative of the Corporate Controller). See Policy FN17 - Required Use of Approved University Forms Appearing in the General University Reference Utility (GURU) for full details.

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Number of Copies and Ultimate Distribution:

Table of distribution and retention of the Fly America Act Waiver Checklist
Ultimate Distribution: Retention Periods:
Original Once scanned into the SAP Concur system, the original is returned to the traveler, but does not need to be retained.

Where to Send Completed Forms:

The form needs to be included as part of the SAP Concur report where the airfare is charged.

Contact Information:

For questions, additional detail, or to request changes to this form, contact the Financial Officer for the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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