SubjectGURU Form Retired - One Day Travel-Meal Reimbursement Report Form
VerbiageGURU Form Retired - One Day Travel-Meal Reimbursement Report Form

The One Day Travel-Meal Reimbursement Report Form has been retired.

The Employee Reimbursement System website should be consulted regarding processing Employee Travel Reimbursement requests.

Websites containing references to this document and/or a hyperlink will need to be revised.

Effective 7/12/18
Date1:16 PM - 07/12/2018

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VerbiageFollow the steps below to unsubscribe yourself from the GURU Listserv.

1.) Click the link below.

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2.) Leave the subject of the email blank.
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Date2:14 PM - 06/12/2018

VerbiageCarryforward Policy and Year-End Closing Guidelines 2017-2018

(Posted 4/23/2018)
Date2:31 PM - 05/25/2018

Subject2018 Standard Mileage Rate
VerbiageThe Internal Revenue Service has announced the Standard Mileage Rate for 2018 is 54.5 cents per mile.

The Standard Mileage Rates at a Glance page on the IRS website has yet to be updated to include this information.

(Posted 1/25/2018)
Date2:30 PM - 05/25/2018

SubjectMoving Expenses are now taxable
VerbiageDue to changes to the federal tax law, all moving expenses incurred after 2017 that are paid or reimbursed by the University will be taxable to employees. There are no longer non-taxable payments for relocation expenses under the law. As such, all University paid or reimbursed moving expenses will be reported as taxable income and subject to University payroll tax withholding.

Any questions should be directed to the University Tax Manager.

(Posted 1/9/2018)
Date2:28 PM - 05/25/2018

SubjectOrdering Pre-numbered Receipts
VerbiageAll orders for pre-numbered receipts must be placed within IBIS.

Please prepare an Interdepartmental Charges and Credits (IDCC) in IBIS to order pre-numbered receipt books. Systems & Procedures will continue to fill these orders.

The Supplying Department ID is &sys

The unit cost is $3.00 per book and all orders must be for a minimum of 5 books.

Please contact Mindy Barnett at 814-863-8662 or by email at with any questions pertaining to pre-numbered receipts.
Date2:28 PM - 05/25/2018

SubjectUsers with previous versions of Acrobat Reader should update
VerbiageUsers with previous versions of Acrobat Reader should update to the most recent version to assure compatibility with documents on GURU. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is now available.

SubjectIBIS forms, functions, and transaction instructions
VerbiageIBIS forms, functions, and transaction PDF downloads are available on the Administrative Information Services (AIS) website.

SubjectDisabled pop ups may cause problems
VerbiageDisabled pop ups may cause problems when using resources on GURU. We understand that users get annoyed with the pop-up windows when visiting various website; however, if you encounter a problem when using GURU resources, be aware that it may be due to your browser not having pop-ups enabled.

SubjectTechnical Difficulties
VerbiageIf you experience any problems accessing an application or finding a particular page, please contact our support staff by accesing "Help" on the GURU toolbar or by calling (814) 865-9568 for assistance.