Systems and Procedures
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Form Instructions

  1. Circumstances – Select each statement that applies to this situation
    1. The sponsored program ends more than six (6) months from the date of purchase.
    2. This computer/general purpose item was specifically budgeted for in the proposal or was listed in the budget notes.
    3. This computer has capability/capacity that is required for work on the sponsored program that is not typically available on a general purpose administrative computer.
    4. This computer/general purpose item will be used solely by a research graduate assistant, research assist/associate, or fellow who is working exclusively on the sponsored program.
    5. This item will be used to support the goals and purpose of the sponsored program, other use of this computer will be minimal and not interfere with work on the sponsored program.

  2. Explanation – Please explain the method of allocation used if the expense will be split between sponsored program(s) and other budgets.
  3. PI – The Principal Investigator must sign and date the completed form.
Image of Cost Accounting Justification Non-Personnel Costs Checklist Form