Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


Form Instructions

  1. PI – Enter the name of the Principal Investigator.
  2. Primary Account – Enter the primary account number to which this charge is being made.
  3. OSP – Enter the Office of Sponsored Program proposal number (if applicable).
  4. Item – Enter a description of the item or items to be purchased.
  5. Justification – Provide a detailed justification for purchasing the item(s) described above.
  6. Multiple – Check Yes or No in response to “Will this item benefit multiple research projects?” If Yes, provide the budget/fund, percentage, and amount for each project that benefits. If No, provide the budget/fund and amount to be charges.
  7. Account Number – Enter the budget and fund of the first account to be charged (this must match the primary account number listed at the top of this page). There are three additional lines for adding addition budget and fund numbers.
  8. Amount – Enter the amount to be charged to the first account number. There are three additional lines for adding amounts to coincide with the appropriate budget and fund numbers.
  9. Percent – Enter the percentage. If this is the only account being charged, enter 100 percent. If there are additional budgets and funds being charged, indicate the appropriate percentage for each of the three additional lines.
  10. Total Costs – This is a calculated field. No data entry necessary.
  11. PI Email – Enter the email address of the Principal Investigator.
  12. Award Name – Enter the award name.
  13. Award Period – Enter the award period.
  14. Document # - If item has been purchased, enter the document number indicating the purchase.
  15. Object Code – If item has been purchased, enter the object code charged.
  16. Approval – The Research Administrator or Financial Officer must approve or deny the request, provide any comments, sign and date the completed form. If additional approvals are required, include the title of the individual, their signature, and date for was signed.
Image of Cost Accounting Justification Non-Personnel Costs Form