Last Revision: 11/08/2023


Form Instructions

  1. Enter the Non-employee traveler's name
  2. Enter the Non-employee traveler's complete mailing address, including house or apartment number, street name, city, state, and zip code
  3. Enter the Non-employee traveler's daytime telephone number, including the area code
  4. Enter the Non-employee traveler's email address
  5. Enter the business purpose requiring the non-employee to travel representing the University
  6. Enter any notes providing further clarification
  7. Non-Employee must declare residency status by check the appropriate residency status box and providing the documentation as indicated. Options include, U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, Resident for Tax Purposes, or Non-U.S. Citizen
  8. Departure and Arrival Table
    • This is a table containing 6 columns (3 for departures and 3 for arrivals) and 5 data rows
    • Enter the departure location, the departure date, and depature time
    • Enter the arrival location, the arrival date, and the arrival time
    • This information is used to determine the Meal Per Diem rates and the first and last day required reductions
  9. Expense Receipt Table
    • This is a table containing 3 columns and 11 data rows to document the types of expenses and indicating if itemized receipts are required
    • Check the boxes to indicate itemized receipts are attached
  10. This form is to be signed by an individual not possessing University authentication credentials (i.e., University issued log-in and password); therefore, the digital signature field is not enable. The individual must sign the form
  11. Enter the date the form was signed
Image of Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Exhibit