Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Office of Budget and Finance


Intercollegiate Athletics

IA2002 - Football Ticket - Internal Purchase and Distribution Under Review

IA2004 - Football Ticket Sales - Under Review

IA2005 - Food and Beverage Sales at Intercollegiate Athletics Facilities Events Under Review

IA2006 - Football Game Parking Under Review

IA2007 - Football Program Sales Under Review

IA2008 - Student-Athlete Book Loan Program Under Review

IA2009 - Recreational Vehicle Overnight Parking Under Review

IA2011 - Ticket Sales - Non-Football, Individual Event Under Review

IA2015 - Collection of Fees at University Pools Under Review

IA2016 - Recreational Sports Fees Under Review

IA2020 - Collection of Locker Room Facilities Fees and Charges Under Review

IA2021 - Collecting Entry Fees for Participation in Intercollegiate Athletics Events Under Review

IA2025 - Fitness Facilities Fees Under Review