Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Office of Budget and Finance



CR2021 Accountability of Contributions from Non-Governmental Sources

CR2002 Processing Returned Checks

CR2004 Accountability for Transfers of Items of Value (Except Equipment)

CR2005 - Depositing Cash Revenues Under Review

CR2007 Bank Deposit Bag Tracking

CR2013 - Operating Cash Fund University Park Financial Officers Under Review

CR2014 - Prepayment Authorization Under Review

CR2015 - Labor Distribution Under Review

CR2032 Processing and Controlling Prenumbered Receipts

CR2036 Preparing and Processing Student Tuition Bills Under Review

CR2044 - Royalty Payments for the Use of Copyrighted Music at all locations

CR2045 - Operating Cash Fund - Non-University Park Locations (Excluding Hershey) Under Review

CR2049 - Reporting Moving Expenses Compensation Under Review

CR2052 - Accounting for Coupons and Gift Certificates Under Review

CR2054 - Processing and Scanning Accounting Documents Under Review

CR2062 - Miscellaneous Student Fees and Charges Under Review

CR2081 Short-Term Student Loans

CR2066 - Guidelines for Decentralized Accounts Receivable Under Review

CR2069 - Direct Billing Under Review

CR2070 - Program Income Under Review

CR2077 The Payment Clearinghouse

CR2079 Value Added Tax (VAT) Reclamation

PR2005 - Deposit to Penn State Federal Credit Union Under Review

FN2033 Collecting and Remitting Sales and Use Taxes Under Review

CR2003 Stop Payment Processing

CR2009 Expenditure Guidelines for Costs Not Allowable Under Uniform Guidance