Systems and Procedures
A Division of The Corporate Controller's Office


Corporate Controller

CR2002 - Processing Returned Checks Under Review

CR2004 - Accountability for Transfers of Items of Value (Except Equipment) Under Review

CR2005 - Depositing Cash Revenues Under Review

CR2007 Bank Deposit Bag Tracking

CR2013 - Operating Cash Fund University Park Financial Officers Under Review

CR2014 - Prepayment Authorization Under Review

CR2015 - Labor Distribution Under Review

CR2019 - Accounting for Capital Equipment Under Review

CR2032 - Processing and Controlling Prenumbered Receipts at Non-University Park Locations Under Review

CR2036 - Preparing and Processing Student Tuition Bills Under Review

CR2044 - Royalty Payments for the Use of Copyrighted Music at all locations Under Review

CR2045 - Operating Cash Fund - Non-University Park Locations (Excluding Hershey) Under Review

CR2049 - Reporting Moving Expenses Compensation Under Review

CR2052 - Accounting for Coupons and Gift Certificates Under Review

CR2054 - Processing and Scanning Accounting Documents Under Review

CR2055 - Pre-Acquisition Screening of Federally-Funded Capital Equipment Under Review

CR2059 - Processing and Controlling Prenumbered Receipts at University Park Under Review

CR2062 - Miscellaneous Student Fees and Charges Under Review

CR2066 - Guidelines for Decentralized Accounts Receivable Under Review

CR2068 - Property Inventory Recording, Tracking, and Depreciation Guidelines Under Review

CR2069 - Direct Billing Under Review

CR2070 - Program Income Under Review

CR2077 - The Payment Clearinghouse Under Review

CR2079 - Value Added Tax (VAT) Reclamation Under Review

PR2005 - Deposit to Penn State Federal Credit Union Under Review

CR2003 - Stop Payment Processing Under Review

CR2009 Expenditure Guidelines for Costs Not Allowable Under Uniform Guidance