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Procedure IA2008 - Student-Athlete Book Loan Program

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Intercollegiate Athletics has established a book loan program that provides student-athletes, so designated, with required textbooks at the beginning of each semester. This program is coordinated by the Morgan Academic Support Center under guidelines established by Intercollegiate Athletics. The determination as to which student-athletes receive the book loan privilege is made by the coaches through the Administrator in charge of each individual sports program (Assistant Athletic Director or other administrator, depending on sport) as part of the recruiting process. Intercollegiate Athletics will monitor the program on an on-going basis to assure compliance with applicable University, Big Ten Conference, and NCAA regulations and policies.

Textbooks are distributed (loaned) to student-athletes from the Penn State Bookstore immediately following registration, and are billed to the Morgan Academic Support Center's budget on a monthly basis. The student-athletes must return their books to the Bookstore within 24 hours after their last final exam. When returned, the books are individually reviewed for their "buy back" value, and the Morgan Academic Support Center is refunded for a portion of the original cost.

The Bookstore maintains a Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form ( Exhibit "A" ) for each student-athlete, which provides a complete record of book distribution and return. Student-athletes can sign out books only for themselves, and only for courses in which they are currently registered (including any courses where a deferred grade is pending and a book is retained from the previous semester).

As an alternative to returning "loaned" textbooks, student-athletes may take advantage of a purchase option. Textbooks can be purchased at 50% of the new (list) book price, if the student-athletes wish to keep their books rather than turn them in at the normal time. Student-athletes may keep any manuals or packets used in a course, since they have no return value. Lost or stolen books must be replaced by the student-athlete, or paid for at this "purchase" (50%of new) rate.

Each semester, the Morgan Academic Support Center will perform an audit of all student-athletes' Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form and their corresponding class schedules. The objective of the audit is to verify that student-athletes are not abusing their privileges under the loan program. When courses are dropped from a student-athlete's schedule, books must be returned to the Bookstore immediately. At the conclusion of the semester, books must be returned in good condition, within 24 hours after the last exam. Further book loan privileges will be suspended for the following semester for student-athletes who do not comply with these rules.



Morgan Academic Support Center/Bookstore Preparation

Preparation for the book loan program for each year begins with the determination of eligibility for the program, as part of an athletic grant-in-aid during the recruiting process. The coaches of each sport involved in the program will decide which of their student-athletes will be eligible for textbook loan privileges. These coaches submit a list of grant-in-aid designees to the appropriate Administrator in charge of the sports program, who will review and confirm the selections.

The head coaches provide the Student-Athlete Services Office with a list of those student-athletes who are to be included in the book loan program as part of their athletic grant-in-aid. The list is forwarded to the Director, of the Morgan Academic Support Center.

Upon receipt of the list of Book Loan Program participants from the Student-Athlete Services Office, the Director will review the list of students eligible to receive books. This list is updated throughout the academic year, as required.

The listing for each sport, arranged alphabetically by student-athlete last name, is sent directly to the appropriate Bookstore personnel, while a letter is also sent to participating student-athletes.

Although a student-athlete grant-in-aid is usually signed for a complete academic year, the list of student-athletes eligible to receive books must be prepared and distributed each semester . This distribution is required due to changes that take place through the year, such as student-athletes graduating, being dropped from the program or added in mid-year.

Student-athletes are notified by letter ( Exhibit "B" ) of their selection to participate in the Book Loan Program, and receive a copy of the Book Loan Program Guidelines ( Exhibit "C" ). A list of the student-athletes, a copy of the letter, and a copy of the guidelines are sent to the coaches and the appropriate Athletic Administrator.

Using information provided on the book loan eligibility list, the Textbook Manager will prepare a Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form ( Exhibit "A" ) for each student-athlete for the semester. The eligibility list is retained (filed by the Manager) as support for the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Forms.

The Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Forms are filed in separate folders for each sport, alphabetically by student-athlete's last name. From this point on, Bookstore personnel will consider any student-athlete having a form on file as eligible for the Book Loan Program. If in doubt, a student-athlete's identity must be confirmed by student ID Card when any transaction is made.

Book Sign-Out

Routine Transactions

Following registration, student-athletes should proceed directly to the Textbook Information counter area in the Penn State Bookstore.

The textbook manager will pull current schedules of all participants. The student must provide his/her ID Card to the Bookstore Clerk.

Note : Only Bookstore Clerks who are familiar with the student-athlete Book Loan Program will be permitted to handle these types of transactions. The Textbook Manager will train personnel as needed for book loans and buy-back. Clerks who are trained for the buy-back process will be referred to herein as "Book Buyers."

The Clerk will ask the student-athlete to verify his/her course schedule and what sport he/she is participating in, by requesting the student-athlete's ID card. Eligibility is confirmed when the student-athlete's Athletic Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form ( Exhibit "A" ) is located and pulled from the file.

The Clerk will verify that the textbooks being issued to the student correspond to the student's current class schedule. This is done to verify that the textbooks packed in the pickup box are the same as the textbooks listed on the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form. The clerk will also do the following:

  1. Verify that the date issued is recorded in the date issued column of the scholar Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form for all textbooks issued at the time.
  2. Verify that the date returned column is left blank, only to be filled in when textbooks are returned by students for class changes and returning textbooks at the end of the semester.
  3. After the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form has been verified by the clerk, the student-athlete will sign on the "Pick Up Signature" line at the bottom of the form.
  4. The student-athlete then takes possession of the book loan textbooks.
  5. The clerk re-files the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form in the student-athlete's file.
Schedule Changes (Drop/Add)

At any time during the drop/add period, a student-athlete may change his/her schedule, resulting in one or more book transactions. In this situation, the student-athlete will come to the Textbook Information counter in the Bookstore with his/her student ID Card and request texts for all added courses. If a class was dropped, student-athletes must immediately return books for the dropped course.

The Clerk will verify the student-athlete's identity and will:

  1. Pull the student-athlete's schedule and the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form.
  2. The Bookstore Clerk will obtain appropriate books from the shelves for the student-athletes.
  3. Make appropriate changes on the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form. Books for any courses "dropped" during the specified drop period are collected and re-shelved. (The add/drop period occurs during the first ten calendar days of each semester.)

    For dropped courses, the student returns the books and the Morgan Academic Support Center account is immediately credited for the full amount.
  4. File the revised Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form.
Off-Campus Purchases

When a particular book is not available at the Penn State Bookstore, but is available at an off-campus bookstore, the student-athlete will be advised by the Morgan Academic Support Center to follow this procedure:

  1. The student-athlete will purchase the book and obtain a receipt from the off-campus bookstore.
  2. The course syllabus and receipt must be taken to the Morgan Academic Support Center for approval for reimbursement. The book, along with the Book Reimbursement Record ( Exhibit "E" ) must then be taken to the Textbook Information counter at the Penn State Bookstore. A copy is maintained in the Morgan Academic Support Center.
  3. When the Book Reimbursement Record ( Exhibit "E" ) and receipt are presented, the Clerk will verify the student-athlete's identity (check ID) and pull his/her Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form from file.
  4. The Clerk will verify the student-athlete's need for the book by checking the class schedule. The Clerk will also check the current book list for that semester. When these are completed, the Clerk will prepare one copy of a Book Reimbursement Record Form ( Exhibit "E" ) and the refund voucher ( Exhibit "F" ). All necessary information is entered on these forms and presented to the student-athlete for his/her signature.
  5. After the form is signed, the Clerk refers the Student-athlete to the Customer Service Desk for issue of a cash refund for the amount shown.
  6. This type of transaction is also recorded on the Student-athlete's Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form in the same manner as previously described. The Student-athlete's receipt is retained as support for the cash disbursement and is attached to the Book Reimbursement Record form.
Note: All books purchased off-campus for which the student-athlete has received reimbursement must be turned in, along with loaned books at the end of each semester to the Penn State Bookstore. These texts will be credited to the Morgan Academic Support Center in the same manner as 'loaned books.


This section details the operations followed in billing the Morgan Academic Support Center for books distributed by the Bookstore, and the flow of documents used to accomplish this task.

Bookstore Counter Operations

All student-athletes' Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Forms are maintained on file at the Textbook Information counter in the Penn State Bookstore. A majority of the transactions take place during the time period between the first day of classes and the end of the established "drop" period.

The Bookstore will bill the Morgan Academic Support Center monthly for all transactions.

  1. All transactions (charges, credits, and adjustments) will be recorded on each student's individually (account) numbered A/R slip (invoice) and entered in to the computer cash register.
  2. The entire account balance will be maintained on the existing A/R software
  3. The invoice is a 3-part form ( Exhibit "G" ). The white copy is sent to the Morgan Academic Support Center with the monthly billing. The yellow copy is placed in the student's file. The pink copy is forwarded to Accounting Operations.

Bookstore Accounting Office Operations

At the end of each month, the accounting office sends the Morgan Academic Support Center the billing statement ( Exhibit "H" ) and copies of all student invoices. Billing is broken down by sport and student.


Guidelines For Returns

Prior to the end of the semester, student-athletes are notified via email reminding them of the return policy and procedure. Student-athletes must return their books to the Bookstore at the end of each semester, within 24 hours of their last final exam. This timing is critical to the efficient operation of the book loan program, since it allows returned books to be ticketed and shelved in time for sale at the beginning of the upcoming semester . The Textbook Manager will directly supervise the book return operation.

The Buy Back Process

Counter Transactions (Routine)

Student-athletes must return their books directly to the Textbook Information counter in the Bookstore in all cases. Authorized Clerks may accept returns, but only Bookstore personnel trained as "Book Buyers" will be assigned the task of determining book values. These returns are handled as follows:

  1. When the student-athlete returns books to the counter, a Clerk (Book Buyer not required at this stage) will pull the appropriate Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form from file.
  2. The Clerk will check for all books listed on the student-Athlete's Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form, and record the current date in the 'Date Returned' column for each book returned.
  3. If all books on the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form are turned in (and are in good condition), the student-athlete must sign the "Return Signature" space provided at the bottom. The sheet is re-filed. The returned books are placed in a specific, predetermined location where all "athletes' books" are retained until a determination of value can be made.
Note: In cases where a book has been mutilated or otherwise rendered worthless (for purposes of resale), the Clerk will bring the matter to the attention of the Textbook Manager. The Manager may refer the situation to the Director of the Morgan Academic Support Center, to allow the option of follow-up action.
  1. If a student-athlete does not return all the "loaned" books he/she initially signed for on the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form, the "Date Returned" column for each missing book is left blank. Student-athletes are reminded by the Clerk if they have not returned all books. These Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Forms will be returned to file, and without the signature in the "Return Signature" space at the bottom. Bookstore personnel will notify the Morgan Academic Support Center of those students who have not returned all textbooks. The Morgan Academic Support Center notifies the student-athlete via email to return outstanding books by a specified date. If books are still not returned, a letter is sent to the student-athlete requesting immediate payment.
  2. All returned books are retained in the common location until time permits an individual book-by-book valuation by the Book Buyers.
Deferred Grade Handling

When a student-athlete has received a deferred grade in a course, he/she will need the book for that course for at least a part of the next semester. In this situation, the book will be identified as a "Carry Over" by the clerk to prevent a double charge to the Morgan Academic Support Center (discussed previously). This notation is made in the "Date Returned" column on the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form and may be verified by phone. This is required in order to clear the account so that the student-athlete can get his/her books for the new semester. If a carry-over remains on the form, the form is refiled.

Determining Book Values/Guidelines for Valuation

A determination of value is made on each book. Books are initially classified into one of two major categories; "Store" books, or "Wholesale" books. These categories are defined below.

"Store" Books

These are books that will be used in a scheduled course at Penn State for the upcoming semester, and are on the appropriate book list. Books in this category will be tagged for resale in the Bookstore, and must be "on the shelf" before the upcoming registration. They are bought back from the Morgan Academic Support Center by the Bookstore for 50% of the current new book price.

"Wholesale" Books

This category applies to any book that is not on the book list for the upcoming semester, and therefore cannot be bought for immediate resale in the Bookstore. These books can be worth from 0 to 35% of the new book price, depending on the national average value for each book, as listed in the current "Textbook Buying Guide." These Guides are published ten times each year, with separate Guides used for different types of books. "Judgment" is not a determining factor (exclusive of condition), since the value is taken directly from the Guide. Only qualified Book Buyers will make these determinations.

Due to the amount of time involved with reference work in determining book values, the actual valuation of student-athlete books is usually not done in the presence of the student. The Textbook Manager and designated Book Buyers will work daily until the task is completed. The method of recording and ultimately issuing credit to the Morgan Academic Support Center is detailed in the next section.

Determining Book Values/Recording and Summary

The procedure outlined below is used when the book buying "team" performs the valuation:

Books are scanned by the "buy back" database and determined if they are store books or wholesale books. The amount of credit is determined by this process.

Credit Processing

The buy back value by sport will be entered into the Bookstore's AR database. The statement is sent to the Morgan Academic Support Center at the end of each month. If there is a credit balance, a check will be sent from the Bookstore to the Morgan Academic Support Center.


The Purchase Option

Student-athletes have the option of purchasing any or all of their textbooks for 50% of the new (list) book price. This privilege is extended to student-athletes participating in the book loan program, since 50% is the maximum amount that the Morgan Academic Support Center can recover on any book through the buy back process. Purchase transactions are initiated at the Textbook Information counter, where these steps are followed:

  1. When the student-athlete informs the Clerk of his/her intent to purchase a book, that student-athlete's identity is verified and the appropriate Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form is pulled from the file.
  2. The Clerk will calculate the student-athlete's purchase price for each book.
  3. A notation "Purchased" is made in the "Date Returned" column for each transaction of this type.
  4. The Clerk will total the amount due, and take the student to the customer service counter to process the transaction. The student-athlete receives a receipt for the purchase.
  5. The Clerk must initial the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form (at the bottom) to signify completion of the transaction.

This type of transaction will appear as a "payment" on the monthly statement.

Handling "No Returns"

Bookstore Action

During the break between each semester, the Textbook Manager communicates the names of all student-athletes who have not returned their signed-out books within the allotted time period. The Morgan Academic Support Center requests the Textbook Manager to place a hold on future book loan privileges. Students are first notified by email to pay for non-returned books. If payment is still not received, a letter is sent directly to the student requesting immediate payment. When the payment is made, the Morgan Academic Support Center contacts the bookstore to lift the hold. A list and copy of the letter are sent by the Morgan Academic Support Center to the Textbook Manager, coaches, and appropriate athletic administrators. This list of names is filed by the Textbook Manager. When books are returned, the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form for the semester is ready to be "closed."

The Manager will close the file by organizing the forms into a batch, labeling them by semester, and filing them in his/her office.

Each semester is started with new sheets, based on an updated list. The "old" information must be retained for the time period specified in the "Records Retention" section of this procedure (covered later).

Morgan Academic Support Center Action

The Director will disseminate this information as deemed necessary to counselors and staff/clerical personnel at the Center. Copies of the listing are made and forwarded to the Athletic Administrator in charge of the particular sports program for further action.

Action by Athletic Administrator in Charge of the Program

The coach is charged with the responsibility of notifying the student-athlete that these books must be returned, replaced, or paid for (at the rate of 50% of new book prices) before books will be issued for the following semester. The Administrator will document and retain all such notices for reference and follow-up if needed.

Handling "No Match" Irregularities

A "no match" situation exists when a student signs out a book for a course in which he/she is not registered. These irregularities are readily identified when the Morgan Academic Support Center's semester audit (covered in detail below) is performed.

Students with a "no match" are sent a letter via email informing them that they have a book(s) for courses not on their schedule. The student-athlete is requested to return the book(s) to the Bookstore.

In the event that a student-athlete fails to comply with the Morgan Academic Support Center request, the Administrator will authorize a charge to the appropriate coach's budget, All future book loan privileges for such a student-athlete will be suspended until the matter is resolved. Resolution will occur when the book is returned or payment is made.


Each semester, the Director will supervise an audit of each student-athlete Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form against his/her current schedule as shown on the computer terminal located at the Center. The display mode "ARIRS" is used for this audit, as it shows the student-athlete's updated schedule and drop/add actions for the semester.

Each course name written on the Scholarship/Book Loan Listing Form (on the same line as the book name) must correspond with scheduled courses as shown on the ARIRS display. In all cases where a "no match" is found, the entire entry (line) is circled on the form and these forms are separated for follow-up. The fact that this audit is performed is widely publicized by the Center, Bookstore, and Intercollegiate Athletics to discourage potential abuse.

The Financial Officer responsible for Intercollegiate Athletics is responsible for monitoring the controls and methods as discussed in this procedure.

The Financial Officer is responsible for ensuring that procedures pertaining to the accountability and safeguarding of all cash receipts, cash funds, and other assets are established and followed in accordance with approved University policies and procedures. Regular audits relating to advances, cash, travel, equipment accountability, and other expenditures provide a means to protect University assets. The Financial Officer is responsible for working with Internal Audit when audits are being performed in the administrative area.


Record retention must be managed in accordance with Policy AD35 - University Archives and Records Management , and records schedules approved by the Records Management Advisory Committee, Office of General Counsel, and Office of the President. These retention requirements are the University's retention criteria, either derived or based upon federal, state, and local statute or regulations, industry standards, and business needs. Retention beyond recommended time periods require justifiable reasons and warrant review by the Records Management Officer or designee. All documents must be maintained in such a manner so as to provide ease of access for review, and to provide a suitable audit trail for all transactions.

Upon expiration of a stated period of time, documents must be discarded and/or destroyed, unless permission is granted by Records Management Officer or designee to retain the records. Archival records created more than 20 years prior to the current date must be reviewed before destruction. Units should also contact the University Archivist before discarding any document which may be of permanent or historical value to the University. To safeguard the privacy of individuals, documents that contain salary information, personally identifiable information (PII), or student records must also be shredded. See Policy AD53 - Privacy Policy and AD22 - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for additional information regarding privacy and the protection of an individual's personal information. For documents that must be shredded, departments may arrange for Blue Bag service by contacting the Blue/White Shredding Program of the Office of Physical Plant. Exceptions to the practice are as follows:

Additional questions may be directed to the University Archivist or the Records Management Officer.



For questions, additional detail, or to request changes to this procedure, please contact the Financial Officer, Intercollegiate Athletics


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