Last Revision: 07/01/2023


The Decommissioned General Ledger Accounts List contains those General Ledger (GL) Accounts that have been (or are in the process of being) decommissioned in SIMBA and/or SAP Concur and are no longer to be used. Where appropriate, a replacement GL account has been indicated for use.

In SIMBA, a GL is either available or not available for use (think of a light switch - on or off). It is not possible to turn a GL off in one fiscal year while it remains available in another fiscal year. When a GL is decommissioned, the GL is locked in SIMBA meaning it is no longer available for use when processing transactions; however, the information associated with the GL will still appear in reports.

The decommissioning process is a lengthy process and while the GL may still appear available for use in SIMBA and/or SAP Concur, if it appears on the above list, it is NOT to be used. As part of the Month-End Close process, these GLs need to be monitored to ensure no transactions are recorded.

Any questions pertaining to decommissioned General Ledger Accounts should be submitted to the Office of Systems & Procedures by submitting a GURU Technical Support Request form.