GURU has provided you with tools to help you make business decisions. For most of these tools, GURU will ask you questions, and your responses will help lead to the correct decision for the particular circumstances. In other tools, collections of information will assist you in concisely finding the answers you seek.

A table of contents of the available tools follows...

Table of Contents:

Acquiring Services for the University
Indicates what form(s) to use and the appropriate object code to apply to various types of services being acquired for the University.
Alcoholic Beverages Decision Tool
Summarizes the guidelines that must be followed for the serving of alcoholic beverages at University events.
Decision Matrix- Use of Purchasing Card, Purchase Order or Special Request for Check
Indicates when the Purchasing Card, Purchase Order or SRFC should be used, as well as detail on special situations.
Faculty Services Matrix
When an individual will be serving as an instructor for an on-line course, this matrix provides decision points regarding how to determine employee versus independent contractor status.
Guidelines For Payments to Individuals For Speaking Engagements
Indicates the proper protocol and forms to be used when paying guest speakers.
Interdepartmental Transactions
Indicates the proper form to use when moving budgeted amounts or moving available funds.
Non-U.S. Citizen Payment Guidelines
Here is a short table to help you determine what is payable to non-U.S. citizens based upon visa types.
Overview of Moving Expenses
This is a collection of the most pertinent information that must be considered when handling moving expenses.
Payment To Research Participants
Indicates the proper type of payment that is to be made to research participants, depending on what criteria are met. This guide follows in accordance with University procedure CR2078, Payments to Research Participants which contains the official and detailed instructions for paying research participants.
Services Matrix
When an INDIVIDUAL will be providing services to the University, this matrix provides decision points on how to handle payment for such services.

Other lists of data which may also be helpful in decision making may be found under GURU's Central Offices home page.