Overview of Moving Expenses

This is a comprehensive overview regarding Moving Expenses. It reflects both Penn State requirements as well as IRS ramifications. Information accurate as of 07-11-08...

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PSU Documents:
  • Policy HR73 specifies the conditions and maximum limits under which the University provides reimbursement to a newly hired faculty or staff member for moving expenses incurred in taking a position with the University, OR to a present faculty or staff member who relocates to an assignment within the University in a new geographic area (e.g., from one campus location to another).{view summary}
  • Policy HR75 provides a maximum reimbursement of $5,000 for relocation expenses (as defined in the policy) incurred when a current employee relocates other than for the moving of household goods and personal effects.{view summary}
  • Procedure CR2049 specifies the reporting requirements for moving/relocation expenses.{view summary}
Internal Revenue Service Documents:
  • Information regarding the deductibility and reporting of expenses related to the moving/relocation of an employee for IRS purposes is detailed in Publication 521.{view summary}
  • Form 3903 is used by taxpayer when filing income taxes if a move was 'within or to the United States or its possessions' .{view summary}


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PSU Documents:
Internal Revenue Service Documents: