Determines the various requirements necessary when arranging and/or paying for SERVICES provided to the University.

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Personal or Professional Services
An activity to be performed by a service provider where the activity usually requires specialized training or skills, licensing, or certification by an individual representing the service provider. The following are some examples of services which have been classified by the University as a personal or professional service: Performing artists, public accountants, psychologists, planners, researchers, instructors, child care providers, physicians and other health care providers, sports officials, and veterinary care. The University does not consider Employment Agency Services to be a personal or professional service.
Consulting Services
Payment to an individual not employed by Penn State, or to an organizational entity, who/which is exceptionally qualified, by education or experience in a particular field, to render an opinion or give advice that is unavailable from an employee of Penn State.
A token payment to an individual of special achievement or renown not currently employed by Penn State, in return for that individual's willingness to visit the University and participate in a University event of short duration (such as speaker, reviewer, seminar participant, etc.), with the understanding that the payment does not constitute compensation commensurate with the actual services provided. Such payments are given for services for which fees are not legally or traditionally required.

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21 Jun 2002